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The Problem

There is a significant gap between established professionals & newcomers in all areas of the music industry. This gap is so wide that it is often disheartening to the newcomers. This leads to the basic services, that are an industry standard, to be perceived as inaccessible due to the lack of resources at hand.

Geographical Limitation

There is an obvious dearth of personnel when it comes to seeking musical services in a specific geographical region. We are solving this problem by creating a global economy and connecting talented service providers from anywhere in the world.

Variable Pricing

Prices for services in the music industry are based on the person or company they are supplied to. We are creating a global economy where the service provider chooses the price for their services with exact factors enumerated, to create a transparent P2P relationship.

Quality Discrepancy

The music industry is highly varied in terms of the quality of work supplied. However, there is an industry standard in place that we will follow to raise the general quality of all music that gets touched by our network.

Supply and Demand Void

Due to the limited network of an individual and the scarcity of people in the music industry that are considered to be professional, there is a lack of reachability faced by newcomers to access these services. However, due to the surge of music technology courses around the world, there are many individuals competent at fulfilling this void, and we are aiming to connect them with the growing demand.

  • The music industry is a matrix that is counter to what is natural and right.
    — Prince
  • Everybody always thinks you have to move out of the city and go where the music industry is, but it’s possible in Louisville, and it’s possible anywhere. You just have to believe.
    — Bryson Tiller
  • It’s funny how the music industry is enraged about the internet and the way things are copied without being paid for. But you know why people steal the music? Because they can’t afford it.
    — Tom Petty

Our Products

These are our initial products to be featured during the launch.

P2P Marketplace


PhaseBox is a peer to peer marketplace for interaction in the form of exchange of services between service providers and consumers in the music industry. With PhaseBox we will, transform the music industry by introducing a new business model that works in the favour of everyone involved.



ShockMount is a non-profit music initiative to provide music technology resources to enthusiasts and aspiring professionals. With ShockMount, we aim to eliminate confusion that is generally found in online resources, in-order-to raise awareness and encourage professional practices amongst our readers.

Notary Blockchain


With our Notary Blockchain, we are aiming to streamline the copyright process involved in the release of any musical product. This will be possible through our potential partner rights collection societies by helping them with an efficient way to collate information and also for the information block to act as a time-stamped proof of ownership.

Our Team

Our growing team is working towards a groundbreaking solution to the problems in the music industry.

Pranav Sood
Chief Executive Officer
Pranav is a singer-songwriter and an active freelancer in the music industry. With a degree in Music Technology, he has recognised problems with the music industry, which we aim to fix. He has an extensive knowledge of the music industry and a regard for high technical standards.
Vibhor Jain
Chief Operating Officer
Being an entrepreneur in the tech network, and having founded music related companies in the past, Vibhor has all the necessary skill sets required to make the best of any idea. He is passionate about decentralisation and strives to make everything accessible to everyone.
Rishabh Narang
Chief Investment Officer
Rishabh is an Independent Researcher and a Blockchain Venture Capitalist in the network of Blockchain enthusiasts involved with companies having a high growth potential. He is intensely passionate about decentralisation and spends his time being an active investor on ICOs, while being an active endorser of cryptocurrencies.
Rahul Patil
Chief Technology Officer
Daniel Cantore
Head of Innovation
Thejus Kayanadath
UI/UX Designer

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